Sentence Examples

  • Not only do they have to wrestle drunks out of bars and write tickets, they have to be prepared for a routine traffic stop or domestic dispute call to turn into a shootout at any given moment.
  • If your new puppy is running around the house like crazy, grabbing for the collar will help you gain control of the situation more quickly than trying to wrestle your dog to the ground.
  • Nylon and mesh ones seem a bit more playful, as if you plan to attack your lover with a pillow and wrestle for a while before exchanging any kisses or longing looks.
  • During their raids on the human houses, R.j. grows attached to these animals and must wrestle over the problem to take the food or get eaten by the bear.
  • Additionally, they may wrestle with the questions of why their parents abandoned them, and how to get in touch with their birth families.