Sentence Examples

  • As live broadcasts came into vogue, savvy advertisers soon figured out that a lot of commercials could be sold if they could encourage at-home viewers to commit to over three hours of wistful star-gazing and anticipation.
  • If you're desiring a more upscale element to your daughter's dress-up themes, then is the place to shop for wistful designer princess apparel.
  • Butterfly wedding themes are wistful and romantic, giving butterfly favors conveys that romance to guests, giving them a small piece of the couple's optimism to share.
  • These questions can often be the most emotional, because you are taking him back to the formative years - which can be both good or bad, wistful, painful, or happy.
  • Interestingly enough, the practical nature of this earth sign is somewhat paired with a wistful reverence for the more beautiful aspects of nature and life.