Sentence Examples

  • Hardening Off: Most seedlings that have been raised in a greenhouse or a sunny kitchen windowsill will be too tender for direct transplant into the garden.
  • Attach a few to a welcome wreath, place several in a vase near the entryway or lay them along a windowsill for a pretty display.
  • Potted fresh herbs on a windowsill, a small container garden, or using edible plants for landscaping plants are all good ideas.
  • Winter decorations in the bathroom can be as simple as a few plants, like a Christmas cactus and poinsettias installed on a windowsill, to a mob of motion activated, singing elves clinging to your shower curtain.
  • Many allow outdoor gardenia shrubs to grow into a more natural form, with trims every few years to keep them below windowsill level or away from homes, telephone lines, or other items they need access too.