Sentence Examples

  • On the surface, this is very much a "cookie-cutter" website creation tool - it's main interface is a drag-and-drop designer, where you can put elements, blocks of text, images, and other widgets on the page as you like.
  • Like Weebly, the interface is drag-and-drop - but there is also integration with the Widget Box platform, which provides 1000's of additional interactive modules to place on your site quickly and easily.
  • Its colorful, friendly website boasts free hosting, professional-looking template design, drag-and-drop interfaces for building your site - all the things that the other free website builders have.
  • On the other hand, you may want to dive right into the Web 2.0 world of Flash with, another drag-and-drop cookie cutter design site - but with Flash elements instead of HTML or JavaScript.
  • One of the more advanced robot toys is the Mindstorm NXT from Lego, which allows kids to build and program the wireless robot through drag-and-drop computer software.

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