Sentence Examples

  • Portable heaters are an easy solution for drafty homes, rooms that do not have central heat such as garage and basements, or for people who are sensitive to cold and want to keep the room they are in warmer without heating the entire house.
  • Some even go so far as to try and disprove the haunting as being nothing more than circumstances caused by a naturally occurring event, like drafty windows, car headlights or other things that can create a ghost-like experience.
  • While replacing old, drafty windows will have an effect on your energy bills, getting the right type of window for your climate and region will have the biggest impact.
  • It was especially popular among noblemen and lords in medieval Europe, who relied on the bed for protection against leaking roofs and drafty houses and castles.
  • When your windows get drafty and need to be replaced, you might want to think about installing Anderson replacement windows.