Sentence Examples

  • Spoilers involving the Gilmore Girls remain popular due in large part to the show's enormous popularity with its fans including Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, a former television commentator and spoiler aficionado for TV Guide.
  • By vetting the spoiler website for information accuracy, regular updates and coverage - coverage is important because General Hospital fans want sites that cover their soap and a site that focuses primarily on CBS soaps will not do that.
  • All these Young and the Restless comings and goings were reported by the fan sites, soap opera news sites and spoiler message boards because the comings and goings of actors and actresses suggests changes in the storyline.
  • Sometimes the insiders get it right, such as the spoiler that was posted three months before the 2007 November Sweeps that alluded to the fact that actress Natalia Livingston would be leaving the show.
  • BB Dish: This blog about Big Brother covers live feeds, and so has a spoiler alert posted letting readers know that information posted on the blog might reveal details not yet broadcast on television.