Sentence Examples

  • It is the plural form of Targi," a raider."The Tawareq call themselves by some variant of the root MasheqTamasheq, Imoshagh, &c.
  • The Baluch is still essentially a robber and a raider (a trait which is common to all tribes), and the history of Baluchistan is nothing but a story of successful robberies, of lawless rapine and bloodshed, for which plunder and devastation were accounted a worthy and honourable return.
  • The native name "Bauchi," which is of great antiquity, signifies the "Land of Slaves," and from the earliest times the uplands which now form the principal portion of the province have been the hunting ground of the slave-raider, while the hill fastnesses have offered defensible refuge to the population.
  • Zobeir (q.v.), a Sudanese Arab, was probably the one man who could have withstood successfully the Mandi_ Owing to Zobeir's notoriety as a slave-raider Gordon's request was refused.

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