Sentence Examples

  • Katie hit the accelerator and the wheels spun wildly, instantly coating Carmen and Alex with mud.
  • As he worked his way back up her neck, her heart pounded wildly - and then his lips were on hers, warm and questioning.
  • After wildly circling about, and reaching a height at which it appears a mere speck, where it winnows a random zigzag course, it abruptly shoots downwards and aslant, and then as abruptly stops to regain its former elevation, and this process it repeats many times.
  • 4 Instead of rising wildly as do most of its allies, it generally lies so close as to let itself be almost trodden upon, and then takes wing silently, to alight at a short distance and to return to the same place on the morrow.
  • The restraint which it imposes and the equal distribution of heat over the surface frequently cause sleep quickly in patients who have previously been wildly delirious and entirely sleepless.

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