Sentence Examples

  • The advertising creates a visceral sensation of fear for which reason it also sells well.
  • This is a body of work, which, beneath their overtly visual romance, is almost visceral in its melancholy.
  • In some cases each pleural ganglion is connected with the opposite branch of the visceral commissure by anastomosis with the pallial nerve, a condition which is called dialyneury; or there may be a direct connective from the pleural ganglion to the visceral ganglion of the opposite side, which is called zygoneury.
  • Limpet, and that of the g ' nerves which pass from the visceral loop of Haliotis to the olfactory patch or osphradium, which lies in immediate relation on the right and on the left side to the right and left gill-plumes (ctenidia) respectively.
  • 3) visceral ganglion.

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