Sentence Examples

  • Demonstra- Pd ins were held which were repressed with unnecessary violence, coi d although the change o~ capital was not unpopular in the rest of as ~ly, where the Piemonte~isrno of the new rgime was beginning thi arouse jealousy, the secrecy with which the affair was arranged un d the shooting down of the people in Turin raised such a storm w~ disapproval that the king for the first time used his privilege vim of dismissing the ministry.
  • King Humbert, who, from lack of confidence in Rudini, had declined VIM lull!
  • It had been extorted from the king by force (per vim et metum), and in the words of the bull the pope said "compositionem hujusmodi reprobamus penitus et damnamus."
  • 2 Quoniam enim nulla pars se ipsam general; sed postquam generata est, se ipsam jam auget; ideo eam primum oriri necesse est, quae principium augendi contineat (sive enim planta, sive animal est, aeque omnibus inest quod vim habeat vegetandi, sive nutriendi), 3 simulque reliquas omnes partes suo quamque ordine distinguat et formet; proindeque in eader primogenita particula anima primario inest, sensus, motusque, et totius vitae auctor et principium."
  • 2 :-" Quam enim aliam vim connubia promiscua habere, nisi ut ferarum prope ritu vulgentur concubitus plebis Patrumque?

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