Sentence Examples

  • You may not be asked to join an elite squad of Japanese fighters, but when wearing a thermal ninja suit, you'll certainly be full of vim and fight in any weather.
  • King Humbert, who, from lack of confidence in Rudini, had declined VIM lull!
  • It had been extorted from the king by force (per vim et metum), and in the words of the bull the pope said "compositionem hujusmodi reprobamus penitus et damnamus."
  • 2 :-" Quam enim aliam vim connubia promiscua habere, nisi ut ferarum prope ritu vulgentur concubitus plebis Patrumque?
  • Wide on the Osage river near its confluence with the Missouri, where a hollow, wooden, cylindrical sector, stiffened inside by iron framing and revolving on an axis laid along the crest of the solid part of the weir, fits into a drum at the back „ vim 4 ..