Sentence Examples

  • Manufactures include oil, vinegar and measuring-instruments.
  • In 1900 Nebraska City ranked third among the manufacturing cities of the state, the manufactures including canned fruits and vegetables, packed pork, flour, oatmeal, hominy, grits, meal, starch, cider-vinegar, agricultural implements, windmills, paving bricks, concrete, sewer pipe, beer, over-ails and shirts.
  • The concern was not prosperous - though Samuel Foote's assertion that he had known Garrick with three quarts of vinegar in the cellar calling himself a wine merchant need not be taken literally - and before the end of 1741 he had spent nearly half of his capital.
  • The manufactures include agricultural implements, leather, vinegar and plaited sandals, and there is a trade in brandy, wine, cattle, poultry and wool; there are quarries of building-stone in the neighbourhood.
  • The dilute acid, or vinegar, may be used to bathe the skin in fever, acting as a pleasant refrigerant.