Sentence Examples

  • The unspeakable deeds of this animal who held us were well known to me, vicariously, through the notes of Howie's visits to his past.
  • The icicles are prison bars on our windows, trapping us, prisoners to this life of sin and degradation, giving miners a few minutes of pleasure for the pittance of coins it takes them weeks to earn in the bowels of the earth, performing unspeakable labors for the wealth of others.
  • The rebellion spread like lightning, principally in the central or purely Magyar provinces, where hundreds of manor-houses and castles were burnt and thousands of the gentry done to death by impalement, crucifixion and other unspeakable methods.
  • That is exactly what happens, again and again, with unspeakable results: dead bodies by the millions, each someone's child, and millions more mutilated.
  • It is the unhappiest when it is "Do what I tell you to do or we will inflict unspeakable horror on one another until one of us is destroyed."

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