Sentence Examples

  • Was an unending series of intrigues, first with one political faction then with another; at one time in favour of her native country, at another in hostility to it, her conduct being mainly influenced at all times by considerations affecting her pocket.
  • The soul must be immaterial since it has the power of cognizing the universal; and its immortality is further based by St Thomas on the natural longing for unending existence which belongs to a being whose thoughts are not confined to the " here " and " now," but are able to abstract from every limitation.
  • 831; new ed., with an epistle to Charles the Bald, 844), which was not only the first systematic and thorough treatise on the sacrament of the eucharist, but is the first clear dogmatic statement of transubstantiation, and as such opened an unending controversy.
  • He set the example of the unending discussions in committee and boundless minute writing which finally choked the Spanish administration.
  • Archimedes's process of unending cycles of arithmetical operations could at best have been expressed in his time by a " rule" in words; in the 16th century it could be condensed into a " formula."

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