Sentence Examples

  • The cost of intra-urban railways depends not only on the type of construction, but more especially upon local conditions, such as the nature of the soil, the presence of subsurface structures, like sewers, water and gas mains, electric conduits, &c.; the necessity of permanent underpinning or temporary supporting of house foundations, the cost of acquiring land passed under or over when street lines are not followed, and, in the case of elevated railways, the cost of acquiring easements of light, air and access, which the courts have held are vested in the abutting property.
  • But during the 1990s critics questioned the movement and its theological underpinnings.
  • However, the theoretical underpinnings are grounded in the environmental movement.
  • Laurie Taylor writes: " Jim Herrick's account of humanism does much to trace its historical development and its philosophical underpinnings.
  • Much public health research was also felt to have weak underlying theoretical underpinnings.

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