Sentence Examples

  • If there.s any part of you that thinks I won.t snap your neck like a twig in a hurricane—
  • The early use of the word is for a twig, shoot, cutting or sapling, which was the meaniiig of Lat.
  • RiLenticel in the transverse section of a twig of Elder.
  • If we examine the seat of active growth in a young root or twig, we find that the cells in which the organic substance, the protoplasm, of the plant is being formed and increased, are not supplied with carbon dioxide and mineral matter, but with such elaborated material as sugar and proteid substances, or others closely allied to them.
  • This Fungus stimulates the main twig to shoot out more twigs than usual; the mycelium then enters each incipient twig and stimulates it to a repetition of the process, and so in the course of years large broom-like tufts result, often markedly different from the normal.

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