Sentence Examples

  • The colourproducing reagent is added and the tints compared.
  • This beautiful material presents a great diversity of tints, but a rich hyacinth red is common.
  • None of the Petrels are endowed with any brilliant colouring - sootyblack, grey of various tints (one of which is often called "blue"), and white being the only hues the plumage exhibits.
  • While the price of the finest tints of rose pink may range from go to £1 20 per oz., ordinary red-coloured small pieces sell for about £2 per oz., and the small fragments called collette, used for children's necklaces, cost about 5s.
  • The African golden-moles (Chrysochloris), the desmans or water-moles (Myogale), and the West African Potamogale velox, are remarkable as being the only mammals whose hair reflects those iridescent tints so common in the feathers of tropical birds.

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