Sentence Examples

  • He needed distance in order to maintain control of the emotions thundering through him.
  • He was commonly compared to Olympian Zeus, partly because of his serene and dignified bearing, partly by reason of the majestic roll of the thundering eloquence, with its bold poetical imagery, with which he held friend and foe spellbound.
  • This triumph was universally considered at the time, and for long afterwards, to have been a miracle, and bore the title of "The Miracle of the Thundering Legion."
  • Dacier, however, and others who adhere to the Christian view of the miracle, admit that the appellation of "Thundering" or "Lightning" (KEpavv000Xos, or KepavvoOpos) was given to the legion because there was a figure of lightning on their shields.
  • Commodus, who was with his father when he died, erected to his memory the Antonine column (now in the Piazza Colonna at Rome), round the shaft of which are sculptures in relief commemorating the miracle of the Thundering Legion and the various victories of Aurelius over the Quadi and the Marcomanni.

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