Sentence Examples

  • For example, many people are disappointed when working with textured fabrics because the paint colors may appear different than expected, or the coverage may be unsatisfactory.Always wash and dry your fabric before beginning your project.
  • Longer layers will give you an overall softer look and allow you to explore several different styles, so that you can be sassy and carefree or mold the hair into a more textured and refined look for an elegant evening out.
  • Other casual comforters can be found in a patchwork design of various textured fabrics, complementary outer and liner fabrics, and quite a few use various embellishments such as string fringes, rope fringes and tassels.
  • Scott Kay has also designed a selection of men's engagement rings in various metals, including simple bands as well as heavily textured bands with bevels, grooves, ridges, and even basket weave and rope patterns.
  • Ring Details: In addition to the gemstones, many anniversary rings incorporate other design elements such as textured edging, engravings, and filigree patterns that can add even more beauty to the ring design.