Sentence Examples

  • A rope of this class for a pit 1200 metres deep, tapered from 15.6 in.
  • Now commonly used; but in very deep pits they are sometimes tapered in section to reduce the dead weight lifted.
  • Tapered round ropes, although mechanically preferable, are not advantageous in practice, as the wear being greater at the cage end than on the drum it is necessary to cut off portions of the former at intervals.
  • 7, is to set in the brick-work walls several horizontal rows of flat water-cooled bronze boxes, RR', extending nearly to the interior of the furnace, and tapered so that they can readily be withdrawn and replaced in case they burn through.
  • It was after his adrenaline tapered off that he smelled blood, and he trotted down a path in the direction of the scent.