Sentence Examples

  • Her hair sparkled in the sunlight against the dark tan of his hand.
  • She couldn.t see the Sanctuary through her blurry eyes, just the blue of water and the tan sand beneath her hands.
  • Every inch of her was firm from working outside, and the tan simply put a finishing touch to all of it.
  • To give a simple instance, hanging to the stereographic projection by putting tan 20=x, ill give a possible state of motion of the axis of the body; and the otion of the centre may then be inferred from (22).
  • Vertical, where Wh tan 0 = N = (c 2 - cl) c2 g2 tan 0, (6) (7) in which we have put k' 2 = ek 2, where E is a numerical factor depending on the shape.