Sentence Examples

  • Khaki button-down long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts are worn over cotton t-shirts, usually open at the collar (unless the ranger is working in an office, in which case a khaki tie with a brass tie-tack would be appropriate).
  • Since satin panties come in all styles, from thongs to hiphuggers, you can put them under everything from your favorite sweats when you're running errands to your work pants (again, skip them if they're white or light khaki!).
  • The 1914 uniform, which is currently on display at Girl Scout Camp Hoffman in West Kingston, RI, consisted of a khaki color blouse and skirt, a kerchief style tie and a wide brimmed hat with a GS logo pin on the front center.
  • They have an adorable, sexy bugle girl costume for $44.99 that consists of a cotton khaki mini-dress with a front-pleated skirt, gold military buttons, sergeant's stripes on the sleeves and ribbons above the breast.
  • Students may be thinking they'll need to wear white dress shirts and itchy wool blazers all day, while teachers may be thinking more along the lines of polo shirts with the school logo and a pair of khaki pants.