Sentence Examples

  • Labrusca, reappears in Japan), and others; an assemblage, as long ago pointed out by Asa Gray, which can only be paralleled in the Chino-japanese region, another centre of preservation of Miocene types.
  • The highlands of Central America and the West Indies have preserved a number of Chino-Japanese typesBocconia, Deutzia, A belie, &c.not met with elsewhere in the New Woild.
  • The Chino-Japanese sub-region.Of the vegetation of China till recently very little has been known.
  • Nor, with perhaps the interesting exception of Castanopsis chrysophylla, the solitary representative in the New World of an east Asiatic genus, which ranges from Oregon to California, has it any affinity with the Chino-Japanese sub-region.
  • In the north-west it meets the Mediterraneo-Oriental and in the north-east the Chino-Ja~banese sub-regions, while south India and Ceylon have received a Malayan contribution.