Sentence Examples

  • Montium of ornithologists, which can be distinguished by its yellow bill, longer tail and reddish-tawny throat.
  • It is black, with tawny rings round the eyes, and white cheeks, throat and chest.
  • From the lower part of a carpel are produced several laterally placed ovules, which become bright red or orange on ripening; the bright fleshy seeds, which in some species are as large as a goose's egg, and the tawny spreading carpels produce a pleasing combination of colour in the midst of the long dark-green fronds, which curve gracefully upwards and outwards from the summit of the columnar stem.
  • The fur of the dormouse is tawny above and paler beneath, with a white patch on the throat.
  • On the other hand, the great tawny draught cattle of Spain seem to indicate mixture with a different stock, the horns having a double curvature, quite different from the simple one of the aurochs type.

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