Sentence Examples

  • His complexion is tawny, darker than that of the Chinese, but clearer than that of the Cambodian; his hair is black, coarse and long; his skin is thick; his forehead low; his skull slightly depressed at the top, but well developed at the sides.
  • The bake lights came on briefly as he slowed down for the bridge and then the truck disappeared into a cloud of tawny dust.
  • It is black, with tawny rings round the eyes, and white cheeks, throat and chest.
  • Montium of ornithologists, which can be distinguished by its yellow bill, longer tail and reddish-tawny throat.
  • None of the sierras or mountains in Uruguay exceeds (or perhaps even attains) a height of 2000 ft.; but, contrasting in their tawny colour with the grassy undulating plains, they loom high and are often picturesque.