Sentence Examples

  • We had tacit official sanction, on our terms.
  • There emerged a tacit agreement between the two men that Dean's position negated his direct involvement in officially pursuing the investigation.
  • Dean was beginning to have serious reservations about the trip and his tacit agreement to it now that it was a real­ity.
  • The pope was confirmed in his rectorship of the cities ceded by Aistolf, with the further understanding, tacit rather than expressed, that, even as he had wrung these provinces for the Italic people from both Greeks and Lombards, so in the future he might claim the protectorate of such portions of Italy, external to the kingdom, as he should be able to acquired This, at any rate, seems to be the meaning of that obscure re-settlement of the peninsula which Charles effected.
  • Hence a tacit understanding between Bismarck and Austria that the latter should profit by Italian resentment against France to draw Italy into the orbit of the Austro-German alliance.

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