Sentence Examples

  • Shortly before the fall of the Depretis-Robilant cabinet Count Robilant had announced the intention of Italy to denounce the commercial treaties with France and Austria, which would lapse en the 31st of December 1887, and had intimated his readiness to negotiate new treaties.
  • In August 1532 Archbishop Warham died, and the king almost immediately afterwards intimated to Cranmer, who had accompanied the emperor in his campaign against the Turks, his nomination to the vacant see.
  • As just intimated, besides the enforcement of the promise, the " perjury " was treated as an ecclesiastical crime.
  • Intimated that he was aware of Mr Adams's lack of confidence in the French government.
  • A lease may be transmitted (i.) by " assignation," intimated to the landlord, and followed by possession on the part of the assignee; (ii.) by sub-lease - the effect of which is equivalent to that of under-lease in English law; (iii.) by succession, as of the heir of a tenant; (iv.) in the case of agricultural holdings, by bequest (Agricultural Holdings [Scotland] Act 1883, s.

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