Sentence Examples

  • In Reform 1871 this movement resulted in Munro and Palmer's Syllabus of Latin Pronunciation.
  • Ecclesiastically, he had become the instrument of the triumph of Jesuit influence, and had in turn set hi~ seal upon the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, the Syllabus and Papal Infallibility.
  • - The reader will find in the following works details of the subject and references to the literature: Bentham and Hooker, Genera Plantarum (London, 1862-1883); Eichler, Bluthendiagramme (Leipzig, 1875-1878); Engler and Prantl, Die naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien (Leipzig, 1887-1899) Engler, Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien, 3rd ed.
  • In the Syllabus of 1864 the separation of state and church was anathematized, yet in 1906 this separation in the United States was held up as an example to be followed by the French government.
  • Eighteen months after the publication of the Syllabus broke out the Austro-Prussian War (June 1866), when the one faithful ally of Rome was trampled under the feet of the archProtestant Hohenzollerns.

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