Sentence Examples

  • The old curriculum of the Real schools is now superseded.
  • He studied at the famous mining academy of Freiberg, in Saxony, and on completing his curriculum travelled in Germany and France.
  • They give an education similar to that offered in the lyces for boys with certain modificationsin a curriculum of five or six years.
  • Thus the first two years of the arts curriculum in English and American universities correspond, roughly speaking, to the last two years spent in a secondary school of Germany or' France, and the continental " school-leaving examinations " correspond to the intermediate examinations of the newer English universities and to the pass examinations for the degree at Oxford and Cambridge (Mark Pattison, Suggestions on Academical Organization, 1868, p. 238, and Matthew Arnold, Higher Schools and Universities in Germany, 1892, p. 209).
  • During recent years chemistry has become one of the most important subjects in the curriculum of technical schools and universities, and at the present time no general educational institution is complete until it has its full equipment of laboratories and lecture theatres.