Sentence Examples

  • Behind it Mount Currie rises to a height of 7297 ft.
  • To the south of the metropolis are Colinton (pop. 5499), on the Water of Leith, with several mansions that once belonged to famous men, such as Dreghorn Castle and Bonally Tower; and Currie (pop. 2513), which was a Roman station and near which are Curriehill Castle (held by the rebels against Queen Mary), the ruins of Lennox Tower, and Riccarton, the seat of the GibsonCraigs, one of the best-known Midlothian families.
  • De Haen, and, in the United Kingdom, George Cleghorn (1716-1789) of Dublin and James Currie (1756-1805), carried on the use of the thermometer in fevers; and on the continent of Europe in later years F.
  • Mill persuaded Grote, Molesworth, and Raikes Currie to advance the sum of £240.
  • 25, the eve of the offensive, was held as follows, from right to left: Canadian Corps (Currie) (2nd Canadian, 3rd Canadian and 51st Div.