Sentence Examples

  • But as yet he had only glimpses of a logical method which should invigorate the syllogism by the co-operation of ancient geometry and modern algebra.
  • 6 The recluses of Port Royal seized it eagerly, discussed automatism, dissected living animals in order to show to a morbid curiosity the circulation of the blood, were careless of the cries of tortured dogs, and finally embalmed the doctrine in a syllogism of their logic, - No matter thinks; every soul of beast is matter: therefore no soul of beast thinks.
  • Whately defined it as "a conditional syllogism with two or more antecedents in the major and a disjunctive minor."
  • Logic falls, according to Ramus, into two parts - invention (treating of the notion and definition) and judgment (comprising the judgment proper, syllogism and method).
  • 'AvaXurcxa 7rpbmmpa: Analytica Priora: On syllogism, with a view to demonstration.

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