Sentence Examples

  • When Aristotle called syllogism X6yos, he meant that it is a combination of premises involving a conclusion of necessity.
  • Nevertheless, deduction or syllogism is not independent of the other processes of inference.
  • The Posterior Analytics, on demonstrative syllogism, or science; 5.
  • Secondly, he made no division of logic. In the Categories he distinguished names and propositions for the sake of the classification of names; in the De Interpretatione he distinguished nouns and verbs from sentences with a view to the enunciative sentence: in the Analytics he analysed the syllogism into premisses and premisses into terms and copula, for the purpose of syllogism.
  • In this way the Presocratics and Sophists, and still more Socrates and Plato, threw out hints on sense and reason, on inferential processes and scientific methods which may be called anticipations of logic. But Aristotle was the first to conceive of reasoning itself as a definite subject of a special science, which he called analytics or analytic science, specially designed to analyse syllogism and especially demonstrative syllogism, or science, and to be in fact a science of sciences.