Sentence Examples

  • In spite of his somewhat extravagant living, he left an ample fortune to his spendthrift son, who did his best to squander it as soon as possible.
  • Regular industrial work is however handicapped by competition with the tourist trade in its several branches - acting as guides and camp servants, manufacture and sale of " souvenirs ' (carved toys and trinklets in mother - of-pearl and olive-wood, forged antiquities and the like), and the analogous trade in objets de piete (rosaries, crosses, crude religious pictures, &c.) for pilgrims. Travellers in the country squander their money recklessly, and these trades, at once easy and lucrative, are thus fatally attractive to the indolent Syrian and prejudicial to the best interests of the country.
  • That was the origin of the expeditions into Italy on which the house of Valois was two centuries later to squander the resources of France unavailingly, compromising beyond the Alps its interests in the Low Countries and upon the Rhine.
  • Any quality series the terrestrial stations do get is often squandered.
  • Barry, you may have just squandered all of the good will we had going on.

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