Sentence Examples

  • Branding (perhaps the equivalent of degradation to slavery) was the penalty for slander of a married woman or vestal.
  • Or, if, as the Ritschlians maintain, it is a slander invented by their enemy, C. E.
  • From his Stoic teachers he learned to work hard, to deny himself, to avoid listening to slander, to endure misfortunes, never to deviate from his purpose, to be grave without affectation, delicate in correcting others, "not frequently to say to any one, nor to write in a letter, that I have no leisure," nor to excuse the neglect of duties by alleging urgent occupations.
  • Thus, in view of persecution or slander, the Christian church naturally produced literary " Apologies."
  • 1 3Xaa477uLa, profane language, slander, probably derived from root of Ovi rrEt y, to injure, and 017µr7, speech), literally, defamation or evil speaking, but more peculiarly restricted to an indignity offered to the Deity by words or writing.

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