Sentence Examples

  • Terrified by the storm of obloquy which he aroused, he fled from office.
  • After a life of constant struggle and an obloquy which never relaxed, the sensational close of Zola's career was the signal for an extraordinary burst of eulogy.
  • The belated Scholastics who lingered beyond the last mentioned date served only as marks for the obloquy heaped upon the schools by the men of the new time.
  • The obloquy under which Jameslaboured increased when the Thirty Years War broke out (1618), and when his daughter Elizabeth, whose husband, the electorpalatine, was the unhappy claimant to the Bohemian crown (1619), stood forth as the lovely symbol of the deserted Protestantism of Europe.
  • The modification of the terms of clerical subscription (1865), the new lectionary (1871), the Burials Act (1880) were largely owing to him; for all of them, and especially the last, he incurred much obloquy at the time.

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