Sentence Examples

  • They run with considerable speed, notwithstanding the shortness of their legs.
  • It Implies A Year Differing In Excess From The True Year Only By 19.45 Sec., While The Gregorian Year Is Too Long By 26 Sec. It Produces A Much Nearer Coincidence Between The Civil And Solar Years Than The Gregorian Method; And, By Reason Of Its Shortness Of Period, Confines The Evagations Of The Mean Equinox From The True Within Much Narrower Limits.
  • Under the name of Oryctolagus cuniculus, the rabbit is considered to represent a genus by itself, specially characterized by the shortness of the ears and hind-feet.
  • The lines of the trunk series are double but for the sake of shortness the least refrangible component is here omitted.
  • We can only use the general equation (*fix, y, z) m = o, say for shortness u= o, of a curve of the mth order, which equation, so long as the coefficients remain arbitrary, represents a curve without nodes or cusps.

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