Sentence Examples

  • The whole of Syria was brought under the Seleucid sceptre, together with Cilicia, by Antiochus III.
  • He is generally characterized by the sceptre and diadem, the usual attributes of kings.
  • "Sceptre quartz," in which a short thick crystal is mounted on the end of a long slender prism, indicates a change in the conditions of growth.
  • They were variously called aisumnetai, brabeutai, agonarchai, agonodikai, athlothetai (at Athens), eabdouchoi or eabdonomoi (from the rod or sceptre emblematic of their authority), but their functions were generally the same.
  • Of the 14th of November 1868, replacing the name of the Austrian Empire under which the dominions under his sceptre were formerly known.