Sentence Examples

  • Curiously enough the cottage, a stone building, built by the same duke for Jean Jacques Rousseau, still stands in the park, while the ducal residence was burnt down by the sans-culottes.
  • These muscadins and incroyables, led by Frron, Tallien and Barrasformer revolutionists who had become aristocratsprofited by the restored liberty of the press to prepare for days of battle in the salons of the merveilleuses Madame Tallien, Madame de Stael and Madame Rca.mier, as the sans-culottes had formerly done in the clubs.
  • Metin, La Socialisme sans doctrine.
  • She was nearly forty, and had already corresponded seriously with Mme de Motteville on the project of establishing a ladies' society "sans mariage et sans amour," when a young Gascon gentleman named Puyguilhem, afterwards celebrated as M.
  • After leading a hand-to-mouth existence for some time, he became one of the orators of the section of the sans-culottes, and commanded the armed force of that section during the insurrection on the 10th of August 1792 and the massacres of September.

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