Sentence Examples

  • The rules then are sine of the middle part = product of tangents of adjacent parts = product of cosines of opposite parts.
  • But he considered that the change ought to be so made that o should be the logarithm of unity and io,000,000,000 that of the whole sine, which.
  • Mechain in 1790, but of the people and to elicit their binding response, his object in was not recognized as periodic until found by Tuttle in 1858, summoning a contio was merely to bring the people together either for their instruction or for a declaration of his will as expressed in an edict ("contionem habere est verba facere ad populum sine ulla rogatione," Gell.
  • The enforcement of these reforms, however, was postponed sine die owing to the revolution which transformed the Ottoman Empire into a constitutional state; and the powers, anticipating an improvement in the administration of Macedonia by the new government, withdrew their military officers in the summer of 1908.
  • Finally, by abstraction from the individual things of sense, the mind is able to contemplate the universal apart from its accompaniments (animal sine homine, asino, et aliis speciebus); these subjective existences are the universalia post rem of the Nominalists and Conceptualists.

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