Sentence Examples

  • The rules then are sine of the middle part = product of tangents of adjacent parts = product of cosines of opposite parts.
  • "Napier's analogies" are the four formulae - tan (A +B) cos = cos l(a - b) cotzC, tan2(A - B) - sin(a - b)cot2C; a (a+b) sine (a+b) tan a(a +b) = cos(A - B) tan1c, tan2(a - b) = s in(A - B) tan2c.
  • Cos z (A+B) sine (A+B) They were first published after his death in the Constructio among the formulae in spherical trigonometry, which were the results of his latest work.
  • In Squier and Crehore's " Synchronograph " system " sine waves of current, instead of sharp " makes and breaks," or sharp reversals, are employed for transmitting signals, the waves being produced by an alternating-current dynamo, and regulated by means of a perforated paper ribbon, as in the Wheatstone automatic system.
  • These currents are furnished by an alternator which transmits sine currents over the line and operates a motor at the distant end of the line, both machines running in synchronism.

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