Sentence Examples

  • But wherever the idea of sacred exists, sacrilege is possible..
  • Old age was held in high honour, but it was sacrilege to speak, or even to think, of the dead.
  • "Theft sacrilege" was treated in a separate series of equally savage clauses.
  • He revoked numerous pensions and grants conferred by his predecessors upon idle courtiers, and, meeting the reproach of sacrilege made by the patriarch of Constantinople by a decree of exile, resumed a proportion of the revenues of the wealthy monasteries.
  • A very large proportior of the Scottish nobility regarded Bruce as a usurper who had opened his career with murder and sacrilege, and either openly opposed him or denied him help. His resources were small, and it was only by constant effort, often chequered by failures, that he gradually fought down his local adversaries, and reduced the English garrisons one by one.