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  • - These functions were originally known as " resultants," a name applied to them by Pierre Simon Laplace, but now replaced by the title " determinants," a name first applied to certain forms of them by Carl Friedrich Gauss.
  • The effect of this process is to give a series of points in the horizontal planes at which the resultants of all forces above those planes respectively cut FIG.
  • Let all the resultants acting at the several centres of resistance be produced until they cut one another in a series of points so as to form an unclosed polygon.
  • 48), at distances x and x+a from the left abutment, be their resultants on either side of C. Then the reaction at B is WIx/1+W2(x+a)/l.
  • Resultants.-When we are given k homogeneous equations in k variables or k non-homogeneous equations in k - i variables, the equations being independent, it is always possible to derive from them a single equation R = o, where in R the variables do not appear.

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