Sentence Examples

  • In the typical newts (Molge) of Europe, the males are adorned during the breeding season with bright colours and crests or other ornamental dermal appendages, and, resorting to the water, they engage in a lengthy courtship accompanied by lively evolutions around the females, near which they deposit their spermatozoa in bundles on a gelatinous mass, the spermatophore, probably secreted by the cloacal gland.
  • Before resorting to this extremity, Brienne preferred to lay before the parlement his two edicts regarding a stamp duty and the territorial subsidy; to be met by the same refusal, and the same reference to the statesgeneral.
  • It was he who inspired the ill and wearied emperor, now without confidence or energy, with the idea of resorting to the plebiscite.
  • The seals (Pinnipedia) although capable of traversing long reaches of ocean, are less truly aquatic than the last two groups, always resorting to the land or to ice-floes for breeding.
  • Most men felt that it would have been permissible for him, at the commencement of the session, to have used the queens authority to terminate the purchase system; but they considered that, as he had not taken this ~ course, it was not open to him to reverse the decision of the legislature by resorting to the prerogative.

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