Sentence Examples

  • The colonists, who had achieved their two great successes without any aid from the home government, were naturally elated, and began to feel a new sense of self-reliance and confidence in their own resources.
  • It was given about the end of the 18th century as based on some experiments, but with a footnote stating that little reliance could be placed on it.
  • During the forty-seven years war, when pope and emperor were respectively bidding for their affiance, and offering concessions to secure their support, the communes grew in self-reliance, strength and liberty.
  • If you believe in the Bill of Rights, our system of checks and balances, republicanism, representative democracy, equal opportunity, rugged self-reliance, entrepreneurship, individual liberty, and any of the other thousand things "America" (or your own country) stands for, then you are a patriot.
  • Owing to a confident reliance upon other means of determining the vessel's place, some merchantmen, and many whalemen, especially when cruising, wholly neglect to heave the log; though at the same time, and frequently more for form's sake than anything else, regularly putting down upon the customary slate the course steered by the ship, as well as the presumed average rate of progression every hour.

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