Sentence Examples

  • She had rehearsed her script earlier, but now the words evaded her.
  • It sounded, as Dean didn't doubt it was, like a well-rehearsed speech.
  • Sinai or Horeb (according to the Deuteronomic tradition), in the ears of the whole people on the "day of the assembly," and rehearsed in v.
  • The laws were publicly promulgated or rehearsed; there were councils to deal with disputes and matters of local interest; popular sports such as horse-racing, running and wrestling were held; poems and tales were recited, and prizes were awarded to the best performers of every dan or art; while at the same time foreign traders came with their wares, which they exchanged for native produce, chiefly skins, wool and frieze.
  • Wimpheling in his reply rehearsed the old grievances and complained that the contributions made to the pope by the archbishops on receiving the pallium was a great burden on the people.