Sentence Examples

  • Since learning that Elisabeth regenerated blood faster than it could be drained, he didn't buy the protection theory anymore, and was convinced this was some kind of well-deserved penance.
  • The views which excited this denunciation were mainly these: (I) Jovinian held that in point of merit, so far as their domestic state was concerned, virgins, widows and married persons who had been baptized into Christ were on a precisely equal footing; (2) those who with full faith have been regenerated in baptism cannot be overthrown (or, according to another reading, tempted) of the devil; (3) to abstain from meats is not more praiseworthy than thankfully to enjoy them; (4) all who have preserved their baptismal grace shall receive the same reward in the kingdom of heaven.'
  • Advised AW to flail the newly regenerated scrub and encourage aftermath grazing.
  • Significantly more sciatic nerve axons regenerated in the exercised animals than the sedentary animals.
  • Interceed absorbable adhesion barrier is composed of oxidized regenerated cellulose.

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