Sentence Examples

  • The injured cells die and turn brown; the living cells beneath grow out, and form cork, and under the released pressure bulge outwards and repeatedly divide, forming a mass Of succulent regenerative tissue known as callus, Living cells of the pith, phloem, cortex, &c., may also co-operate in this formation of regenerative tissue, and if the wound is a mere knife-cut in the bark, the protruding lips of callus formed at the edges of the wound soon meet, and the slit is healed overoccluded.
  • The injury which initiates them may be very slight in the first placea mere abrasion, puncture or Fungus infectionbut the minute wound or other disturbance, instead of healing over normally, is frequently maintained as a perennial source of irritation, and the regenerative tissues grow on month after month or year after year, resulting in extraordinary outgrowths often of large size and remarkable shape.
  • All these institutions are performing a great regenerative work, and the tribulations and disappointments of the last decades of the 19th century were not all loss.
  • 15) employed for melting glass are usually heated with gas on the " Siemens," or some similar system of regenerative heating.
  • These small furnaces are frequently arranged for direct coal firing, but regenerative gasfired furnaces are also employed.

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