Sentence Examples

  • From that time, at any rate, Disraeli has been acknowledged as the regenerator and representative of the Imperial idea in England.
  • In A there is a displacer (D) which is connected (by parts not shown) with the piston in such a manner that it moves down when the piston has moved up. The air-pressure is practically the same above and below D, for these spaces are in free communication with one another through the regenerator (E), which is an annular space stacked loosely with wire-gauze.
  • When D moves down, the hot air is driven up through the regenerator to the upper part of the containing vessel.
  • The air passes down through its regenerator, picking up the heat deposited there, and thereby having its temperature restored and its pressure raised.
  • The displacer (E),which takes its motion through a rod (I) from a rocking lever (F) connected by a short link to the crank-pin, is itself the regenerator, its construction being such that the air passes up and down through it as in one of the original Stirling forms. The cooler is a water vessel (G) through which water circulates from a tank (H).

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