Sentence Examples

  • Her books are seen to be in large part merely clever reflections of other people's views or views current at the time.
  • In 1686, when chaplain to James II., he was suspended for ten months on a charge of having made some reflections on the king, and in 1688 was cited for refusing to read the declaration of indulgence.
  • The book which contains the philosophy of Aurelius is known by the title of his Reflections, or Meditations, although that is not the name which he gave to it himself avrov).
  • Ricardo's works, in fact, do not explain a theoretical system, but contain the matured reflections, more or less closely reasoned, of a man of great mental power looking out on the world as it appeared to a business man experienced in affairs.
  • Helene there are very few reflections of this kind and the emperor appears in a guise far more life-like.

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