Sentence Examples

  • The line was, however, rectified, and after a halt the final advance began.
  • But experience has shown that the mistakes, so far as there have been mistakes, are unimportant; and in practice even these are rectified by the natural gravitation of the mind of man to that which it finds most nourishing and most elevating.
  • 9): ACB being a semicircle whose centre is 0, and AC the arc to be rectified, he produced AB to D, making BD equal to the radius, joined DC, 1 Vieta, Opera math.
  • This has now been rectified, in the same way as in Lower Egypt, by the construction of a weir across the Nile, intended to Assiut give complete control over the river and to raise the Weir water-surface 8.2 ft.
  • But even here the hopefulness as regards a future life, in which the inequalities of the present would be rectified, compensated for the gloomy fatalism with which the present was 1 The earliest example given in the New English Dictionary is in S.

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