Sentence Examples

  • This has now been rectified, in the same way as in Lower Egypt, by the construction of a weir across the Nile, intended to Assiut give complete control over the river and to raise the Weir water-surface 8.2 ft.
  • But even here the hopefulness as regards a future life, in which the inequalities of the present would be rectified, compensated for the gloomy fatalism with which the present was 1 The earliest example given in the New English Dictionary is in S.
  • Of rectified spirits of wine; the whole is next stirred together, and when cold is kept in a stoppered bottle.
  • The remaining regulations set forth the manner in which extra-budgetary and extraordinary expenses were to be dealt with, and the manner in which the rectified budget, showing the actual revenues and expenditure as proved at the close of the year was to be drawn up with the assistance of the state accounts department (divan-i-mouhassebat).
  • The line was, however, rectified, and after a halt the final advance began.